Product Options


      4 Plaque sizes to choose from:   

      7.5 x 3 inch      (190mm x 77mm)
      11 x 4 inch       (280mm x 102mm)
      7.5 x 5.5 inch   (190mm x 140mm)
      11 x 7.5 inch    (280mm x 190mm)


8 MOUNT OPTIONS to choose from:

PADS                                    Self-adhesive Exterior foam Pads (Wood, Brick etc.) NO need for nails

CORNER MOUNTS             4 x silver corner mounts with screws, for wooden applications 

HANGING                            2 silver Riveted D-rings including ribbon 

PLAQUE STAND                 Plastic sturdy stand 4 inch (for mantle / sidebaord / table display)

SPIKE                                   Angled gently backwards for ground display

GATE MOUNT                     2 Riveted side fixings  + 2 Screws

BACK LINK                          2 Interlocking metal links supplied with 2 Screws and Rawl Plugs

POST / RAIL / CAGE           2 silver Riveted D-Rings - Customer to supply Wire / String / Cable Tie